Three deep breaths

I said to him I can’t sleep next to you tonight.  I can’t bear seeing you closing your eyes…

He replied: “Why are you saying that? I’m not going to sleep, I’ll stay with you. Why do you always act like you know everything?

I looked myself in the mirror and gave me a bitter smile. I lied next to him and took three deep breaths, the last ones… as I was watching him “traveling” already away…


Update No 1

Give yourself a day once in a while. Look at yourself in the mirror. Sit in front, drink your coffee, smoke, get naked, look at your scars in it. Give a good look at your idol. What bothers you? What is that you love? Give value to yourself. Give one day. What do you want to be and what you became? Abyss. Huge the distance between you and your idol. Your eyes are your soul. Look within your eyes. Not the spots in your eyes. Try. Somewhere there your soul is hiding. Give them time to tell you. Your eyes are always willing to tell you.