The ticket

He still remembers the long fairy tails, he and his friends used to make at the back yard of his house. They used to build forts and castles with mud and their stories would always contain a game of domination. Oh, how much he loved these games! They separated in two teams and his team would always win. That’s why everybody wanted to be in his team, in his side.

Year by year though, more and more kids got bored of his strategy games,  less and less kids would concentrate to play with him, till the games stopped. All had heard about this “ticket” which would give one the possibility to acquire everything one ever wanted. Gossips flew all around. Even he heard about it. The real game was in action.The ticket, according to the rumors, had felt somewhere over there, so everybody started looking for it, day and night. They all got obsessed with it but not as much as he was. This ticket had to be his! His perseverance was so big that this searching journey lasted 80 whole years. He dedicated all his life trying to find it. He searched every inch of the streets, in the trash cans, everywhere.

As a consequence of this endless searching, his body started bending. Now, his upper body is almost parallel with the ground, he is just an old humped back man. Because of his body formed that way, he was not able to look anymore at something else than the ground. He still has this obsession with finding the “ticket”.

One day a voice came from above…

–          Old man, is too late for you to be searching for “the ticket”, don’t you think so? Even, if you’ll find it you don’t have much time to enjoy it.

–          Why do you care? This ticket will give me everything I ever wanted.  I’ll enjoy it in the time I got left.

–          You are too stubborn old man.

–          Yes, maybe all this is just a bet for me now. Yes, maybe it would be better if I had found it when I was still young and had my whole life in front of me. I dedicate my whole life on this and I’m not going to die before I find it. I owe it to myself.

–          All this time you were living in a dream old man. You are not going to find it.

–          Why are you saying this?

–          Because…I invented the idea of “the ticket”. And I’m telling you, “the ticket” doesn’t exist. Never did. It was never real.

Suddenly the old humped back man wasn’t feeling so well. He tried to hang on something.

The voice continued…

–          I hate humans and as I was born really tall, I tried not to look down. I didn’t want to look at people and their greediness. “The ticket” kept their eyes down so they wouldn’t be able to look at anything else that might exist, so they wouldn’t know… In contrast with you, my body “learned” to always look up.

The old man sat on the ground and said:

–          You talk about greediness like you aren’t greedy at all?

–          Of course I am but I was able to recognize it and use it as I liked. Now it’s too late for me too. Because what I’ve learned at last is that the real ticket is in front of us and neither you nor I can see it.