“The blues” with friends have a different color

I put some more red lipstick on, tightened my hair tail a little bit more and gave one last glance at the mirror just to see that everything was ok. I had some extra 5 minutes before the guys would show up.  It was Thursday night and like every other Thursday we would meet to go to the pub which was just a few meters away of my apartment. Actually, it was so close that you could hear the deep notes of the bass straggling against the city noise. The most essential component of blues. The bass. I took the cigarette which was still burning in the ashtray and took a few puffs. I wore my coat and went out to the balcony to “catch” the song that was playing from the local pub. I started moving my head slowly in the rhythm of the music when the laughter from down the street interrupted my “journey”.

–          “Come down already!”

I got in, I squeezed my cat’s head hurriedly and run down the stairs to meet the guys.

We took straight ahead the road towards the pub. I was walking, as usually, in front while the guys were chatting and giggling behind. “I’ll ask them later” I thought. I was too lost in the music which was becoming louder as we were approaching. As we got in, the jukebox was playing the song “Cry me a river” by Ella Fitzgerald. We sat at the table near to the window and ordered our drinks. I ordered a Tom Collins.

… We were having a good time, we were laughing a lot. Jim went to the barman to order another round. I got up and said “I’m going out for a cigarette”. The guys didn’t even hear me. They were already lost in a conversation about the most exotic landscapes in the world. It had just started drizzling but I didn’t mind. I lighted my cigarette and I watched the smoke coming out smoothly. The song “Body and Soul” was on. I closed my eyes and imagined that the people who were walking by in a hurry, stopped for a while and danced in the smooth sound of Billie Holiday’s voice. I folded my hands tight and danced too, hoping that this cigarette will never end.


Multiple reality

– You are late again!

– Ohhh don’t start again grandpa… Sleep is warm.

– The sun is warm not sleep.

– In winter sleep is warmer.

– Kid I’ve told you many times before that it’s really important to come here to enjoy the sun. At least once a week.The sun’s warmth gets inside you and ties your soul to this world. Sleep’s warmth is different.

– What do you mean different?

– Sleep’s warmth takes your soul from this world and ties it to different ones.

– And where are those worlds?

– Wherever your dreams take you.

– So are there many worlds?

– Countless.

– But this world is the real one, right?

– Things are different for humans. We are much more complicated. Our eyes are not the best judge of what is real and what is not. Our eyes see many things, but the way you look at things is what defines them. It’s your choice if something is real or not. You define reality. Look at the view and tell me what do you think is real?Image

– The sea, the trees, the sun, the sky…

– How are you feeling by looking this view?

– Happiness.

– Do you know what people with depression see? Image

– ….